Can my order be delayed due to COVID-19 / this wild pandemic?

  • Arrivals quoted are when we release the shipment however, delays out of our control are to be expected through COVID-19, thank you for understanding. Things cray out there.

Who should I contact for customer service concerns?

How long does shipping take after making a purchase? 

  • We try to fulfill orders on the same day and if not, they will be fulfilled the next business day. 
  • Standard shipping tends to take 2-5 business days, however please expect potential delays due to COVID-19.

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    • Credit Card.

    Do you ship internationally?

    • Shipping is currently only available within the United States.

    How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

    • You can easily see an estimate of how much your shipping charges would be by adding an item to the shopping cart and entering your shipping zip code.

     My package has been shipped but they have not delivered it yet. Why?

    • Please contact the shipper to obtain further status on your packages. The priority of delivery within the method of shipment chosen is determined by your shipper. If the shipper is holding them, please contact them.

    What should I do if an item is delivered damaged?

    • Please reference our Returns page

      We encourage you to please hang on to your virtual online receipt for proof of purchase.


      Merchant Contact and Mailing Address Information

      • MatoMato, LLC DBA 710 Labs
      • 8149 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste 298, Los Angeles, CA, 90046
      • 310-788-3445