Quave Club Banger - Flat Top


OG hash, OG glass. How it is supposed to be. We are excited to work with one of our closest friends in the game. We connected with Kevin back in 2010 through our mutual love for hash and terp chasing. In terms of a Quartz Banger or quartz nail/device, in our mind there is only one, and that’s the Quave Club Banger. Quave created this 10 years ago and while there have been many evolutions and innovations of his design and product line, as well as designs and innovations by many other great craftsman and artists, our true love is for the QCB. Proper dabs start on proper quartz and we trust this OG when it comes to quality. His passion is the same as ours, we make products we want to smoke and he makes products he wants to use to smoke, "I made them because I love smoking hash and wanted to share that in my work helping others to enjoy it as well."

All Quave 710 Labs Club Bangers are hand made to order at their production facility located in Seattle, Washington. No imported materials are used in the making of this product. 

"Bevel" - A rounded edge inside the base of the banger
"Tesselated" - Covered in a tiling of the Quave signature pattern. 

  WARNINGCancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov